Monday, 7 April 2014

Lightning forecast in 27 days.

Only 27 days left before I embark on my second Ultramarathon which will hopefully encompass my second ever marathon.

I've got back into regular running over the past 3 weeks with Wallsend Harriers. I'm not exactly running 24/7 in fact it's only twice a week but I'm back enjoying my running again.

Physically i'm not ready for the Lightning but I'm mentally ready to go!

I have 3 targets for the day...

3 - 26.2 miles
2 - Over 35 miles
1 - Over 40 miles.

As the route is technical and all off-road, my plan is to walk up the hills and run downhill and the flat.
I'm not going to give up; I'm ready to keep moving for 12 hours.
I'd be over the mood to average 4 miles as hour but who knows. As long as i keep on moving I'll be happy.

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