Saturday, 3 August 2013


Endless and unforgiving, the road must be conquered,
miles upon miles of tarmac menacingly awaits,
every pull and every strain.Fail to prepare for it and the road will prove your downfall.
Each step breaks a new pain barrier,
each blister earns the right take on these historic streets,
to join thousand of soles pounding this relentless terrain, all pushing towards a distant conclusion reached only by huge exertion.
Each drop of sweat lubricates inspiration for the breatheren of the brave,
there determination to succeed rouses huge affection and encouragement because in this personal battle, camaraderie is key.
The elite push the boundaries of human nature, whilst the pack exceed the boundaries of human spirit.
But through the pain and the turmoil,
the goal remains the same….
to train….
to achieve….
to finish.

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