Friday, 30 August 2013

Great North Run.

With 17-ish days to go before my 7th GNR I still haven't thought much about it.
I'm hoping to get along to the City Games the day before which I'm sure will enthuse me.

My training has neen non existent which is my standard approach.
In August I did an 8 mile run on the 6th and 12th and 5 miles on the 27th.
I'm not worried about completing the 13.1 miles as its well within me but it'll be slow.

Following the GNR I'm moving back home after working away for close to 2 years so regular running should be back on the horizon.
Another catalyst to regaining my commitment to running may be in the form of sucess in the London Marathon ballot. The you're in/you're out letter should arrive by the end of October.
Fingers crossed :)

Failing that, my plan is to do either Endure24 or Lighting 12hr. Both ultra marathons over 24 or 12 hours.
Watch this space.

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