Monday, 12 August 2013

All Bran + Running = Catastrophic consequences

I've only been able to run twice since Thunder Run. Last week I did 8 miles and tonight I did another 8 miles.
I was going to do 10 but legs were getting tight so 8 miles it was.
I stoopidly decided to have All Bran and Muesli for lunch which caused a near disaster mid run but thanfully there's a toilet in the park I run in!

Including poo stop, it took me 1hr 25. Not earth shattering but then again it's all relative.
Compared to 18 month ago it's painfully slow but that was then and this is now.
I can only get fitter and faster and eventually back to where I want to be, minus the All Bran.

Im off to Cornwall for 2 weeks holiday on Saturday so if I can squeeze at least 3 early morning runs and 10 miles on my return to Scunthorpe then Great North Run should be less painful.

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